My Diabetic Advent Calendar

Monday 31 October images

Since finding out last week that I have type 1 diabetes, a lot of scenarios have been whizzing around in my head, about all the things will now be different. Some of my most poignant scenarios have been holidays. I was watching Noodlerella’s  Japan vlog recently,  and for a while, I’ve been thinking about how a would love to go to Japan. Even though the thought of going to a country where I don’t understand the language at all scares my quite a bit. I still think it would be an amazing experience but now that dream has become a little scarier, going there having diabetes and not kcqapyjj4nowing what is in the food I would be eating or what I would do if something went wrong but still hoptumblr_static_3bf33fpgmawwoogww4w48co4gefully I will be able to go one day.

 Other scenarios that I have been thinking of have been to do with Christmas, and sadly thinking about how I can’t any longer eat my favourite chocolate  Guylian well maybe one, but that just a massive tease for me so I’m probably better off not having them at all, and then there’s the matter of a chocolate advent calendar that I can’t really have any more or at least the ones I normally have, so instead I thought about getting a beauty advent calendar which I think would be a great option but I was wasn’t really thrilled with the ones shops had to offer or they were hugely expensive so I kind of passed that idea. downloadAnother option I’ve seen is the Playmobil ones they have that would be great for kids or if you’re a big kid at heart, which I would say I definitely am, so maybe I could get that another year but for this year I went to TK Maxx today and I brought myself a Caroline Gardner (I suppose it’s a picture) advent  calendar which doesn’t sound overly thrilling to me, especially to my inner child  but I saw it in TK Maxx and I quite like Caroline Gardner as a brand so I thought I’d go for it, at least I had some sort of advent calendar. I’m actually quite intrigued as to what is going to be behind each door, and yes today is Halloween but what else would Kathryn do but buy an advent calendar on Halloween 😅

Disclaimer : Anything I say regarding diabetes, don’t take it as the Holy Grail as I am no expert and I’m just trying to figure it out as I go.

That’s all from me for now – Kathryn 😃


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