My First Hypo 

My first hypo accrued on the morning after I had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It happened at around 10:30 am, I had gone to the cinema with my Mum, one of my brothers and my Niece to watch ‘Strokes’ (which I quite enjoyed)  as we arrived at the cinema.

I was feeling I bp1110786it hungry but I didn’t really think too much of it, and then as we got to our seats it was slowly just getting worse so I decide to have one of my rich tea biscuits to try and give me a little boost but then as my hands started to get clammy I knew that something really wasn’t right and that I really needed p1110779to test my blood.


So me and my Mum came out of the screen, to the seating area and by this point my hands were shaking so tdavesting my blood was a little difficult but after managing it my reading was 4.4 which for a non-diabetic is a completely normal reading and for me now over a week later is a little low but fine for me as that is what I woke up with this morning but dues to the facp1110782t that before being diagnosed, my blood sugar level high for a while most likely that to my body my blood sugar level felt really low so to my body. To fix my hypo as I have already said I had, had one rich tea biscuit and then once I had seen my blood sugar level I then drank about half of a box of apple juice that I had in my bag.

I then kept to rest of the apple juice next to me for the rest of the film, just in case, but I didn’t feel the need to have anymore telling me that, that was all I needed to fix my first hypo.

Disclaimer : Anything I say regarding diabetes, don’t take it as the Holy Grail as I am no expert and I’m just trying to figure it out as I go.

That’s all from me for now – Kathryn 🙂


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