What’s in my Bag ‘Diabetes Edition’

dsc00090  The bag I am using at the moment is a light pink faux leather backpack, that I got from TKmaxx this time last year.

dsc00091 In the front pocket of my bag, is where I keep all my snacks. I have sugar free polo mints. (Which actually do still raise my blood sugar, so I keep them if I need a little boost.) I also have some plain rice crackers. A couple of rich tea biscuits and some jelly babies for a hypo fix.

dsc00092 On each side of the backpack are two side pocket, where I keep a travel hairbrush, tissues and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Within the large section of my bag where, what would have been the phone pocket a few years ago, is where I now hold my two insulin pens and an empty test strip bottle, that I used to hold used test strips while I am out and about.

dsc00094 The next pocket along is where I store pens for my record book and a mini tripod and that I will sometimes use for my vlogging camera.

dsc00096 Within the main hull of the bag is where I keep my blood testing kit and a box of apple juice for a hypo emergency.

dsc00097 Towards the back of my bag, there is an elasticated back section. That allows me to keep papers straight if I wish and it is where a store my diabetes record book, a fold away shopping bag, my eye prescription, an old letter from the doctors and a second blood sugar level record book that I got from the diabetes centre.

And finally, there is a pocket at the back of my bag where a keep my fat face purse which I love, I would always recommend a backpack with a pocket of the back as it is a perfect place to store your valuable as it is a lot harder to steal from.

That’s all from me for now – Kathryn 🙂





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