Sweet Treats Under 15g Carb

When I am looking for snacks or treats to eat, I try to go for ones, that are under 15g carb. My basal (slow acting) insulin can cover snacks up to 15g carb in between meals. If I am choosing to have one of the theses sweet treat without taking any insulin, I will try to leave at least a 2-hour gap between meals either way. Or if I wish to have the treat close to a meal when all I need to do is 1 unit of insulin.

Here are some of my favourite sweet treats under 15g carb. If you have any that you wish to share please leave them in the comment below! 🙂

Chocolate Orange 






Club Bar 


Milk Buttons 


Disclaimer: Anything I say regarding diabetes, don’t take it as the Holy Grail as I am no expert and I’m just trying to figure it out as I go. Please make sure to check the nutrition information on the back of packs to ensure that you are taking the correct amount of insulin for your food and if you have any queries make sure to ask your local diabetic team.

That’s all from me for now – Kathryn 🙂



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