Diabetes Storage

On today’s post I wanted to run through with you how I store all my diabetes supplies in my room and hopefully, it might give you some ideas on how can store your own supplies.

To start the majority of my supplies are stored in a designated desk drawer for easy access.DSC00325

Then for all my paperwork such as letters from the doctor and leaflets that you end up accumulating are all stored in a clear plastic wallet so that I can easily see what’s inside and everything is in one place.


As for my wardrobe, this is a good place for hiding things so they are not in plain sight. Such as sharp bins (as they are not the prettiness things) and hypo treatments, so I’m not tempted to eat them and no one else knows they are there.


Beside my bed, I always made sure to keep some empty test strip bottles as mini sharp bins to keep my bedside table clear from, used test strips and needles.


And lastly in my bag is what I carry around with me every day such as both my insulin pen, my blood test kit plus extra lancets and needles. Hypo treatments I currently have KitKat and Jelly Babies, and lastly, another spare empty test strip bottle used as a mini sharps bin while out and about.

DSC00332 DSC00331

Disclaimer: Anything I say regarding diabetes, don’t take it as the holy grail as I am no expert and I’m just trying to figure it out as I go, and if you have any queries make sure to ask your local diabetic team.

That’s all from me for now – Kathryn 🙂



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