Equipment I use as a Type 1 Diabetic

Today I am going to be going through all the different types of equipment I have on hand that use to help look after myself as a type 1 diabetic.

Insulin: I get my insulin from pens and I am currently using reusable pens which means, I just need to change out my cartridges instead of the whole pen when the insulin runs out.


Needles: Needles go along with having insulin pens. They are a disposable piece of equipment that you are advised to change before each injection.


Now to test my blood sugar I need several different pieces of equipment, such as my glucose metre.


To enable my glucose metre to work, you need test strips that are inserted into the bottom of the glucose metre.


The blood that is used for my glucose metre is taken from one of my fingertips with a lancing device.


Which essentially propels the lancet inside (another disposable item) picking my finger tip allowing a small amount to be drawn out and used.


A sharps bin is used to safely dispose of my medical items, as there a design feature that ensures that once an item has been placed in the bin it can not be retrieved again.


And the last item I have is something that I thankfully don’t use very often are ketone test strips that are used if my blood sugar ever gets over around 12- 14 to test to see if I have any ketones in my body.

This is a link if you wish to learn more about ketones:


Thank you very much for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it. like usual  I have a video linked below if you wish to watch a video talking about the same topic.

That’s all from me for now – Kathryn 🙂



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